Friday, October 16, 2015

Foo's Friday #1

Hello, this is Foo's Friday #1. Every Friday I will make a post from Mister Foo's perspective. Mister Foo is our adorable, and scary, cat. Here is what he has to say: "mew, how are you? My name is Mister Washburn Foo, and I am proud to say I am 'cute', which is what those very tall funny looking cats say. Is cute a good thing? They also call me monster, and I'm never quite sure how to take that. Just yesterday, one of the smaller creatures (with the name of Maria, I do believe) started 'cuddling' me. It was quite a disturbance. So, naturally, I started kicking her with my hind leg, and of all things, she thought it was funny. Can you believe it? As I am sure you can tell, I was being quite serious about the matter. Well, the week has been a long week, full of napping, and dreaming of birds. Here is a picture of me as a kitten:"


  1. our little milo kitty who is sitting in my lap and purring as i type does the same leg kicking thing to me.... although when he pulls out all the stops and uses his claws i am not laughing :) i love your posts. good job... and as far as the trader joe's pumpkin products, i tried the pumpkin tortilla chips last weekend, and i must say they were quite good. -jennifer

    1. Thank you <3 Yes, sometimes Mister Foo gets scratchy too. I have not tried the tortilla chips yet, though they sound good.