Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tis' The Season to be Baking...

Isn't the smell of a fresh baked cake grand? My brother and I worked hard together to make this cake, and it was quite a treat!


  1. You two make an excellent baking team.
    And cheers for baking weather, too!
    A little cooler, soon, I hope!

    1. Thank you, mommy, and I quite agree that it should be cooler! :)

  2. That's a beautiful cake! What kind is it? And you two do make an great team! (William?)

    Amira and I were just talking about wanting to do more baking... but have been waiting for cooler weather. My fingers are crossed that it will happen soon!

  3. Oh wow - what a cake that is! I bet it didn't last long. My pet puddle duck lays beautiful eggs (sometimes) and they make lovely cakes. I used to be a teacher and am so pleased to hear that you're enjoying coding alongside all your other hobbies. It's the way the world is going and it's good to start young. My son is an animator now and he always loved doodling & drawing - learn something new every day - and have fun. Adaliza x